Kensington, Chelsea & Westminster Sept 2016 Friday SciTech Article

September 2016
The man singlehandedly taking on Zambia’s big issue: Energy

By Ione Bingle

Constant power cuts are stifling economic growth in Zambia and the pressure is on to find a new energy source to match its booming mining industry and growing middle class. CEO of Kalahari GeoEnergy, Peter Vivian-Neal is on a mission to tackle the energy crisis with, arguably, the most mysterious form of renewable energy: Geothermal.

A mining man originally, Vivian-Neal moved to mineral-rich Zambia because, in the words of city gold mogul Algy Cluff, “there’s no gold in the Surrey hills”. When his mining company was bought out in 2010 he found himself casting around for a reason to stay…


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