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“Energy Beyond Power”

Renewable and sustainable energy to provide dispatchable, stable power with realistic cascading energy applications

ABOUT KALAHARI GEOENERGY LTD - Corporate, Regulatory and Supervisory

Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd:
Private Company, Registered in Zambia.

Aims and Objectives:
– To explore and, if viable, develop geothermal energy resources to produce electrical power in East and Southern Africa, with current focus on Zambia.
– To become an Independent Power Producer.

Permitting for Exploration and Development Rights:
Agreement with Zambian Government, represented by Department of Energy, provides exclusive exploration rights to an area within the Kafue Trough associated with identified geothermal systems and provides basis for development of viable targets.

Reporting and Supervisory:
In Zambia the Company reports to a steering committee composed of stakeholders.

Technical Collaboration:
Technical co-operation agreement with National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research, Zambia.

Peer Review and Consultancy:
Geologica Geothermal Group, USA.

Investment Licence:
Kalahari has a Zambian Development Agency Investment Licence specifically for its geothermal investment.

Environmental Impact Assessment for geothermal drilling approved by Zambia Environmental Management Agency (“ZEMA”).

– USTDA committed to fund feasibility study (Link to article on the USTDA website)
– Currently share-holder funded. Following the completion of preliminary drilling, partners or third party funding may be sought

Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd Board and Management include:
Dr. Moses Banda – Director (previously chairman of Kiwara Resources Ltd, Zambian subsidiary of minerals exploration company, Kiwara plc.)
Peter Vivian-Neal – CEO (previously a founder and the chief executive of minerals exploration company, Kiwara plc.)

Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd
Tel: (+260) 0211 840 431
Office: Block D, Plot 759 Independence Ave, Woodlands, Lusaka, ZAMBIA
Postal: Post Net Box 268, Private Bag E017, Crossroads, Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Professional Associations:
Member of International Geothermal Association.

Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd
Tel:  (+260) 0211 840 431
Office: Block D, Plot 759 Independence Ave, Woodlands, Lusaka, ZAMBIA
Group: Unit D, 11th Floor, Ho Lee Building, 38-44 D’Aguilar St, Central, HONG KONG
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Kalahari GeoEnergy Ltd is a member of the International Geothermal Association. For further information on Geothermal Energy and power production please see